Descriptive Result of Analysis by the Matter Variety of

Descriptive Result of Analysis by the Matter Variety of

H2: Private attitudes (positivity, pleasure, and social wedding) is actually absolutely about the newest research (appropriateness, appreciated, and you will acknowledged away from) off positive thoughts both in Westerners and you may Eastern Asians.

H3: The newest perception–investigations relationship varies over the several cultural groups. Particularly, getting Westerners, brand new positivity (3a) and arousal (3b) from self-confident attitude be much more strongly regarding imagined societal reviews, as well as Eastern Asians, perceptions from social involvement be much more highly regarding social product reviews (3c).


An a priori power calculation for repeated measures, between-factors MANOVA showed that a total of 386 participants was needed to obtain power of 0.95, ? error probability = 0.00036 (Bonferroni corrected), correlation among repeated measures = 0.1, at an expected small effect size 0.1. A total of 244 students from Hong Kong (nman = 113, ngirl = 122, Prefer not to say = 9) and 253 students from Netherlands (nman = 122, nwoman = 129, Prefer not to say = 2) took part. There was no difference in gender distribution across groups, Chi-square = 4.83, p = 0.09. Hong Kong Chinese participants (Meanage = , SDage = 2.11) on average were 1 year younger than Dutch participants (Meanage = , SDage = 3.59), t(424) = ?3.93, p 2 .

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